Didgeridrone - VST didgeridoo effect
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  • Didgeridoo plugin VST, software Didgeridoo plug-in
  • Didgeridrone - VST didgeridoo effect
  • Didgeridrone - VST didgeridoo effect, guitar effect, guitar stompbox plugin

Didgeridrone - VST didgeridoo effect

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guitar effect VST plugin, Didgeridoo effect plug-in, VST plug-in stompbox, virtual guitar effect pedal

DIDGERIDRONE - VST didgeridoo effect. Convert any instrument into Didgeridoo!

guitar effect VST plugin, Didgeridoo effect plug-in, VST plug-in stompbox, virtual guitar effect pedal

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Beat 1 DRY
Beat 1 WET (Didgeridrone)
Beat 2 DRY
Beat 2 WET (Didgeridrone)
Guitar DRY
Guitar WET (Didgeridrone)
Percussion DRY
Percussion WET (Didgeridrone)
Synth 1 DRY
Synth 1 WET (Didgeridrone)

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 - VST didgeridoo effect. Convert any instrument into Didgeridoo, real-time!

Didgeridoo is mystical instrument of native people/shamans from Australia called “Aboriginal Australians”. Now you can convert any instrument (guitar, synthesizer etc.) into didgeridoo or let the didgeridoo play in rhythm of your tracks (this VST effect will play the same rhythm as your drums or percussions!!). Listen to the samples.

Did you wanted to have skilled didgeridoo player available always in your studio?


Now you can.

No need to learn difficult so-called circular breathing to play real didgeridoo without pauses during breathing. Install this VST and you have almost real didgeridoo player in your digital workstation.

Would you like to have Australian shaman playing exactly in rhythm of your drums, percussions?

Now you have!

Didgeridrone is new effect designed by engineers from G-Sonique digital instruments which can create realistic didgeridoo sound based on rhythm and amplitude of input sound/music.


Didgeridrone engine
– special algorithm simulating real didgeridoo play – rhythm, melody, amount and style of didgeridoo sound is exactly based on input sound/music, rhythm and melody.

Liquid tone – by this knob you can create more liquid and percussive sound of didgeridoo (left) or more smooth, open and prolonged sound of didgeridoo.

Resonant tone – By this knob you can boost resonant tones of didgeridoo (turn right). If you would like to create liquid, percussive sound turn Liquid tone to left and Resonant tone to right.

Jungle echo – Would you like to create more mysterious jungle/shamanic atmosphere? Turn this knob.

Dry/Wet – Turn this knob to set ratio between Dry (original) sound and Wet (Didgeridrone sound)


please see DEMO up


This plug-in is compatible with OS Windows 2000 / XP / Vista/7, processing 32 bit, you will need VST/VSTi compliant host (Cubase, Nuendo, Fruity loops studio etc.). 

64 bit user can use plug-in with using jBridge (64 to 32bit VST) from http://jstuff.wordpress.com/jbridge/.




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(Mark Sawyer)


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  • File formats: .dll (VST plug-in)
  • Requirements: Windows 32bit VST host (Cubase, FL studio and others)
  • Size: 7,97 MB

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