This is short license agreement between you (buyer of digital product) and (reseller of digital product)

With purchased digital products from website YOU CAN:

01. YOU CAN use our digital products in your commercial or personal work (as a part of this work, not individually) no credits are required (the product is royalty free).
02. You can modify (change shape, colors etc.) purchased digital products and then use these as a part of your work (not individually as original files or only slightly modified original files; purchased products can be used only as a part of your own complex work and in such a way that it should not be possible for them to be extracted in original form).

03. All files/products/artworks on e-shop are non-exclusive; therefore they were and will be sold to an unlimited amount of customers. Ownership rights, title, and intellectual property rights of the product shall remain with 123creative and their authors (after your purchase). All products are protected by copyright law.

04. You can download our products only digitally and usually within 50 days after purchase. After expiration of your download link you can ask for new one time download link at any time.

05. Purchased products can be used on two computers by one person.

With purchased digital products from website YOU CANNOT / YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED:

01. You are not allowed: any sharing, reselling, slight modifying and reselling, repacking, redistributing, leasing, uploading to public dropboxes/servers any products or their parts purchased from You are not allowed to make our product/original source file available to a third party.

02. You cannot ask for any refunds (because after purchase you will immediately receive a download link for the full product). You should try demo examples of products before purchase. These products are provided on an "as is" basis. company do not offer you any kind of warranty (fitness for a particular purpose, warranties of merchantability etc.) The entire risk as to the performance and quality of the product is borne by you.
ALL PRODUCTS at website can be purchased only by individual private persons (not companies) because of local tax law. In case of questions / special requirements please feel free to contact us before purchase.


No Refund Policy on all of our software products and bundles!
We do this because we offer digital products, which are available for you after your purchase as download links.
If you purchase one of our products, after your payment has cleared,
an email will be sent to you with the full version (or registration key and password to unlock the software if needed).
Once this information is emailed to you, there will be no refunds given.

Additional information:
01. company is not the author of all products available at ( company is only the reseller of these products).
Therefore 123creative is not responsible for any loss caused by using purchased products from the website Company has a license agreement with authors where they claim that they are fully responsible for offered products, that they are 100% authors of offered products, own 100% rights to resell their products and will be responsible for all possible damages caused by their products. Regarding any possible lawsuit you should contact/sue the author of product, not the company depending on license agreements and company is responsible to give you all contact details of authors and copies of licenses and documents.


123creative music visualizer video service:


Customer is:

Music visualizer  service is intended only for customers - individual persons. The main subject of the contract is non-exclusive video / music animation / visualizer service – non-exclusive video file – usually artistic computer animation modified for customer with his artist’s name / pseudonym / song name etc. Due to bureaucratic law, if the customer is entrepreneur / company interested in buying of music visualizer  service, please contact 123creative via email and 123creative will give you next instruction about the order / payment. The customer is not exclusive owner of original video look / animation / design. The customer is purchasing only rights to distribute and use processed music video for promotional use of his / her own music only in range described in this license. The customer is single user of processed video with his / her own artist's features.
Warning: Please note that this video service / video product is not appropriate for people suffering from epilepsy or other mental illness where a person is sensitive to fast image changes.


Product - subject of sale:

The subject for unlimited re-sale is video service, where the original video animation is customized according to provided information from the customer. The subject of sale is non-exclusive copy of the original video that is currently visible at 123creative website (video animation/music visualizer made and modified by 123creative is non exclusive = after modification can be sold to multiple clients by 123creative in future). Each video animation is changed/customized according to information provided from each customer. The customer can choose only one version of video from single product page.

Graphic preview of editable video areas is presented at product page. Including Artist / producer name, Music song name, EP / Album name / music label name, Artists logo / website / SoundCloud or other social media data. No another data cannot be applied to the processed video - this fact cannot be used as the subject of a complaint or money refund, video also cannot be processed without artist name and song name text. Further the customer provides his / her own music (in mp3 or wav format) for video processing The customer can provide only copyrighted music that he / she created by himself / herself (customer guarantee and is responsible for all copyrights and trademarks – that he is 100% owner of the provided music). 123creative has only right to use customer's text data and music for creating video according to customer's order. After finishing the order 123creative is obliged to delete music and text data from his our computer / video software within 2 months. The result of video service is processed video in mp4 format, changed according to provided information from customer.


Seller (video owner) is:

123creative is the seller, official creator and exclusive owner of these original videos and copyrights. 123creative team generate each video according to information from customer. The seller has the rights to sell unlimited number of copies of original video. Each sold video is customized for customer. Copying, saving or using this video without purchase from is prohibited. Creative common public resources (or graphic elements with the consent of the author) could have been used to create original videos.


Video service order / purchasing process:

Before payment is the customer is acquainted with the all editable areas of the video. The video will be processed according to binding choosed features for video processing. Additional changes cannot be included in the processed video within existing order. After payment the customer will download PDF instruction about 3 easy steps how to proceed (regarding secure delivery of the necessary data for video processing). The instruction is downloadable from the email, that was delivered to customer's mailbox. This email is delivered to customer's email address that was used for the payment. The customer can download this instruction from his / her account at 123creative website. 123creative team generates only one video according to information from customer within one order / payment. No revisions are possible. In case of any doubts, the customer can ask for advice via email. This notification is posted at product page.


Processed video delivery:

Final video is delivered until 1 – 4 working days as digital product for download via Since each video is generated manually, the maximum waiting time is 5 days in busy period.

The customer is informed about the need to make back-up copy of processed / delivered video (on two different backup media for storing digital data). The seller keeps a copy of the processed video for 20 days from delivery of this video to the customer. In case of video loss, the customer can make a new order with new payment obligation.


The usage of processed video:

The customer has the rights to use and distribute processed music video for promotional purpose of his / her own music only. The customer can share his / her video at any social media networks or websites according to this license agreement and only with respect to the terms of use and privacy policy of individual social media network or website.

The customer cannot sell / modify / re-sell processed video to third party. The customer cannot extract any elements of the video and sell the video to the third party. You (customer/client) is not owner of video / music animation / visualizer, you are just purchasing  non-exclusive rights to use video / music animation / visualizer for marketing / promoting of your music.

You (client/customer) are allowed:
- to use music animation/visualizer vido to promote your music
- to use music animation/visualizer vido in various websites, social networks, videos etc. only to promote your music, in marketing of your music.

You (client/customer) are not allowed:
- to modify music animation/visualizer vido and use it multiple times with different artist / different album names
- to modify music animation/visualizer vido and re-sell it
- to use or modify demo previews (previews with watermark) from our website 
- to require refund of money after graphic file are finalized sent to you.


Liability for damages:

The videos consist of visual effects, lights and fast picture changes. From this reason these videos are not appropriate for people suffering from epilepsy or other mental illness where a person is sensitive to fast image changes. People with epilepsy or other hypersensitive disorder should not watch these videos. 123creative wrote warning note at product page. The videos are not played automatically, therefore the sole responsibility for the health damage lies with the web visitor or the person who launched the video by clicking on the play icon.

The online publication of the processed video (including websites and social networks) is the sole responsibility of the person (customer) who ordered the video service. The use, distribution and sharing of the video is subject to the terms of use and privacy policy of the specific site and social network. The customer must make sure in advance that he can share his / her video on the specified site and social network. 123creative has no responsibility for the illegal use / publication of the video by a third party.


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