G-Sonique: Psytrance bundle
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G-Sonique: Psytrance bundle

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psytrance music production, Alien303 - psytrance bass VSTi and acid 303 synthesizer, Renegade - analog monster VSTi - virtual analog synthesizer, XBass 4000L - bass saturation effect

PSYTRANCE BUNDLE - 2 VSTi instruments / synthesizers and one VST effect 

psytrance music production, Alien303 - psytrance bass VSTi and acid 303 synthesizer, Renegade - analog monster VSTi - virtual analog synthesizer, XBass 4000L - bass saturation effect

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GENRES:  Psytrance, Trance, Dance, Drum and Bass, Breakbeat, Electro, EDM, Tek House, Goa, Industrial



Alien303 - psytrance bass VSTi and acid 303 synthesizer
Renegade - analog monster VSTi - virtual analog synthesizer
XBass 4000L - bass saturation effect


Alien303 - psytrance bass VSTi, acid 303 synthesizer, psytrance bassline, digital oscillators

ALIEN 303 - psytrance bass and acid 303 synthesizer 

Another boring imitation of the classic 303 sound? No way!

The Alien 303 synthesizer is primarily aimed at generating the ultimate psytrance bassline. Those hard punchy basslines which were always so difficult

to create and fine-tune using any other synthesizer.
We just made it simple!

Even though the Alien 303 is based on the vintage 303 concept, it offers many more features. The audio spectrum of this synth has been designed to offer
the musician possibilities that are totally different from the other solutions. The Alien 303 delivers sharper, fatter and tougher sounds with a crispness that
comes straight out of the digital realm.

Try the new features, like the precision of out special digital oscillators, the unison/chorus emulator or the extreme non-linear saturator. When you are
done being amazed at the fatness of the basslines you have created with the Alien 303, you can start tweaking it to create razor sharp acid sounds and
spooky melodies.


- 10 digital and virtual analog oscillators ( An.Saw, D.Saw, Saw HB, Saw DB, VNT Saw, An.Ramp, D.Ramp, D.Square, Square, Pulse)
- Vintage virtual analog filter with resonance, sharp and organic sound.
- Unison/chorus effect
- Non-linear saturation unit
- PingPong stereo delay
- Amp/filter envelope
- Portamento

Renegade - analog monster VSTi - virtual analog synthesizer, digital analog software synthesizer, vintage analog filters

RENEGADE - analog monster VSTi - virtual analog synthesizer

The joining of two worlds - the digital and the analog. The Renegade combines the warm and organic sound of vintage analog synths with the sharpness, 

Toughness and precision of digital sound processing. Renegades design is based on the algorithms of DSP chips and the analog circuits of real hardware

It includes special features like the Supersaw oscillator, serial combinations of vintage analog filters with clear-cut and robust digital filters and the amplifier
Section which boasts internal clipping suppression and non-linear analog saturation.

Renegade has been designed to supply tough, well defined lead sounds, fat basses and juicy organic analog sounds.

The Renegade is a very flexible synthesizer and can be used to create many types of music, but is most effective when used to create the following music
styles: Trance, Dance, Drum and Bass, Breakbeat, Electro, EDM, Industrial, Tek House, Psytrance and Goa.

The Renegade also includes more than 120 professional presets of various types including Bass, Classic, Leads, Drum and Bass and Psytrance patches.



- 1x Supersaw oscillator with fat unison sound, 2 modes (Dual , Spread) spread amount knob (amount of unison detune)
and 15 different shapes of oscillator

- 2x Digital and virtual analog oscillators with sharp sound, PWM modulation and Phase modulation knob.
15 different shapes of oscillator (Sine, W.Sine, Ab.Sine, An.Saw, D.Saw, Saw HB, Saw DB,VNT Saw, An.Ramp, D.Ramp,
D.Square, PWM Pulse, Triangle, Square, Noise)

- Free-running low frequency oscillator (shapes: Sine, Saw, Triangle, Square, Noise)

- Vintage analog LP filter (based on real analog circuits from famous vintage synthesizers) featuring a liquid, organic and
warm sound. Tracking knob.

- Virtual analog/digital filter with a sharp and precise digital sound. 8 different types of filters and special G-Filters based
on algorithms from hardware synthesizers with DSP chips (digital simulation of analog synthesis)

- G-Low pass Filter
- G-Band pass Filter
- G-High pass Filter
- LowPass Filter
- BandPass Filter
- HighPass Filter
- Notch Filter
- Peaking Filter

- Filter Velocity and Tracking

- Fast linear Filter envelope and Amplitude envelope

- LFO modulations: Cutoff, Phase 1/ PWM ,Phase 2 / PWM, Osc1, Osc2, Osc3

- Chorus / Unison stereo detune simulation effect.

- Ping-Pong Stereo delay

- Non-Linear Saturation Unit, Analog based amplifier section

- Preset manager

- Digital algorythms written in C++/Assembler based on real analog circuits and codes from DSP chips.

- More than 120 Professional presets in the following categories: Bass, Classic, Leads, Drum and Bass, Psytrance


XBass 4000L - bass saturation effect -  VST effect plug-in designed to facilitate the maximization the bass frequencies

XBASS 4000L - bass saturation effect

XBass 4000 is a new and unique VST effect plug-in designed to facilitate the maximization the bass frequencies.
The virtual circuits of the XBass 4000 combine two different algorithms in order to emphasize the bass spectrum of the track:

- The psychoacoustic algorithm, BassEnhancer, that emphasizes the intensity of the audible bass content

- An analog style saturation unit that enriches the bass spectrum of the tone to reproduce the “fat” and “warm” sounds known and loved
in vintage tube circuits. It also boosts higher harmonic frequencies to expand and enliven the audible spectrum as well as sub-bass spectrum

XBass 4000 is excellent for synthetic and acoustic basses and enriches kick-drums to give them the energy you need to drive your track.

It sounds great together with our Psytrance bass synthesizer, Alien303. Use it in the following configuration: first XBass for the kick-drum
and the second one for the Alien bassline.


- A special distorted bass bell filter for a selecting the bass spectrum that should be maximized. It is possible to select a wide spectrum of bass
frequencies – from the deepest sub-basses at 15hz to medium-bass frequencies. It’s also possible to set a Slope–Q range for the selected frequencies.

- A psychoacoustic circuit called Bass Enhancer that emphasizes the intensity of the bass spectrum. It uses special algorithms to process sounds
using psychoacoustic techniques.

- A saturation unit that emulates vintage analog tube circuitry which gives the user the ability to adjust the amount of bass saturation and the volume
of audible bass saturation.

- Control of the output volume

- Graphical dB meter showing the level of output volume



ZIP package include VST/VSTi dll plug-ins for Windows.


please see DEMO up
  (short noise sound about every 20 seconds)


This plug-in is compatible with OS Windows 2000 / XP / Vista/7, processing 32 bit, you will need VST/VSTi compliant host (Cubase, Nuendo, Fruity loops studio etc.). 

64 bit user can use plug-in with using jBridge (64 to 32bit VST) from http://jstuff.wordpress.com/jbridge/.




•  "I love G-Sonique and 123creative plugins... your GUI's are one of the best and favourite out there in my opinion."

(Mark Sawyer)


•  "They make exellent software and for good prices."

(Fred Scheper)


Presets, preset banks, sound sets for G-Sonique Renegade - virtual analog synthesizer

123creative.com Download FREE Event Horizon - Loops (made from Dune2 presets)

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  • File formats: VST / VSTi dll plug-ins for Windows
  • Requirements: Windows VST / VSTi host application (Cubase, FL Studio / Fruity loops, etc.)
  • Size: 4,73 MB
  • Total: 2 VSTi synths, 1 VST effect

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