Dreamscape - Soundset for NI Massive
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Dreamscape - Soundset for NI Massive

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Dreamscape  NI Massive presets

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Dreamscape - DEMO

GENRES: ambient, chill out, lounge, filmscore, electronica or even dance, trance, house and dubstep 



Dreamscape contains 148 presets ranging from lush and smooth pads to dirty screaming basses and otherworldly plucks and atmospheres. The set consists out of 71 main presets and 77 variations, these variations have different macro knob settings mostly resulting in radically different sounds.

It's highly usable for a wide range of music styles including: ambient, chill out, lounge, filmscore, electronica or even dance, trance, house and dubstep!

All presets have all 8 macro knobs assigned to the most useful parameters, allowing you to completely shape the sounds to your liking with very little effort.

Feel free to download the free demo bank (contains 19 presets) to get a sense of what you can expect from the full soundbank!

All Presets are in the .nmsv format



Main Presets>
ARP - Driving Arp
ARP - Driving Sequence 
ATM - Birds 
ATM - Machinery 
ATM - Mayhem 
ATM - Noise Percussion Loop 
ATM - Rain 
ATM - Vinyl Dust Or Large Hall Ambience (Macro 7) 
ATM - Wind 
BAS - Deep Bass 
BAS - Funky Bass 
BAS - Mellow Bass 
BAS - Overdriven Bass 
BAS - Phase Bass 1 
BAS - Punchy Bass 1 
BAS - Punchy Bass 2 
BAS - Rising Bass 
BAS - Silky Bass 
BAS - Subby Sub 
BEL - Bright Bells 
BEL - Church Bells 
BEL - Dreambells 
BEL - Sweet Bells 
DRM - Big Boom 
DRM - Epic Cinematic Drum 
DRM - Hihat Synth 
DRM - Kick Synth 
DRM - Snare Synth 
DRN - Apocalyptic Opera 
DRN - Industrial Symphony 
DRN - Inside a UFO 
DRN - Into The Void 
DRN - Roam The Streets 
DRN - Scary Sweep 
DRN - The Darkness 
KEY - Digital Organ 1 
KEY - Digital Organ 2 
KEY - Drawbar Organ 
KEY - Smooth E-Piano 1 
KEY - Smooth E-Piano 2 
LED - Angel's Whistle 
LED - Belly Mallet 
LED - Breathy Flute 
LED - Distorted Guitar 
LED - Heavenly Harp 
LED - Mysticism 
LED - Pitchy 
LED - Smooth Saw Slide 
LED - Solo Leady 
LED - Talking Lead 
LED - Talking Lead 2 
LED - Wow Lead 
PAD - Airsweep 
PAD - Brightness 
PAD - Butterflies 
PAD - Choir Pad 1 
PAD - Digisweep 
PAD - Dreamy Flute Ensemble 
PAD - Eternal Dreamer 
PAD - Ice Caves 
PAD - Lingering Glass 
PAD - Mellow Paddy 
PAD - Pulsating Electricity 
PAD - Slide Pad 
PAD - Soft Pad 
PAD - The Air Up There 
PAD - Whistle Pad 1 
PAD - Whistle Pad 2 
PLK - Muted Guitar 
PLK - Mystical Pluck 
PLK - NoisePulse 

Macro Control Variations>
ARP - Driving Arp [Distorted Lead Variation]
ATM - Mayhem [Tonal Variation]
ATM - Vinyl Dust Or Large Hall Ambience (Macro 7) [Hall Variation]
BAS - Overdriven Bass [Overdriven Lead Variation]
BAS - Phase Bass 1 [Insane Variation]
BAS - Phase Bass 1 [Slightly More Insane Variation]
BAS - Punchy Bass 1 [Deeper Variation]
BAS - Rising Bass [Metallic Variation]
BAS - Subby Sub [Distorted Variation]
BAS - Subby Sub [Monstrous Variation]
BAS - Subby Sub [Phase Distorted Variation]
BAS - Subby Sub [Radio Wave Variation (Move Macro 1)]
BEL - Bright Bells [Metallic Variation]
BEL - Church Bells [Sine Shaped Variation] 
BEL - Dreambells [Lead Variation]
BEL - Dreambells [Xylophone Variation]
BEL - Sweet Bells [Lo Fi Variation]
DRM - Big Boom [Noisy Laser Variation]
DRM - Big Boom [Power Down Variation]
DRM - Big Boom [Short Circuit Variation]
DRM - Epic Cinematic Drum [Distorted Kick Variation] 
DRM - Epic Cinematic Drum [Nasty Trap Variation]
DRM - Hihat Synth [Open Hihat Variation]
DRM - Hihat Synth [Ride Variation]
DRM - Kick Synth [808 Punchy Variation]
DRM - Kick Synth [808 Sub Variation]
DRM - Kick Synth [909 Variation]
DRM - Kick Synth [Punchy Variation 1]
DRM - Kick Synth [Punchy Variation 2]
DRM - Snare Synth [Distorted Snare Variation]
DRM - Snare Synth [Noisy Snare Variation]
DRN - Apocalyptic Opera [Opera Solo Variation]
DRN - Industrial Symphony [Horror Cluster Variation]
DRN - Industrial Symphony [Throat Singing Demons Variation]
DRN - Into The Void [Mentally Unstable Variation]
DRN - Into The Void [The End is Near Variation]
DRN - Roam The Streets [Impending Doom Variation]
DRN - Scary Sweep [High Voltage Variation]
DRN - The Darkness [Brutally Broken Variation]
KEY - Digital Organ 2 [Variation 1]
KEY - Drawbar Organ [Should This Even Be Possible Variation]
KEY - Smooth E-Piano 2 [Lead Variation]
LED - Angel's Whistle [Dirty Stuff Variation]
LED - Belly Mallet [Digital Lead Variation]
LED - Belly Mallet [Xylophone Variation]
LED - Breathy Flute [Screaming Square Lead Variation]
LED - Breathy Flute [Square Lead Variation]
LED - Heavenly Harp [Trance Lead Variation]
LED - Mysticism [Lead Variation]
LED - Talking Lead 2 [Variation 1]
PAD - Airsweep [Variation 1]
PAD - Brightness [Nasal Variation]
PAD - Butterflies [Organ Variation]
PAD - Butterflies [Strobe Light Variation]
PAD - Choir Pad 1 [Soft Variation]
PAD - Digisweep [Thin and Bright Variation]
PAD - Dreamy Flute Ensemble [Flute Only Variation]
PAD - Dreamy Flute Ensemble [Phase Distorted Variation]
PAD - Eternal Dreamer [Dream Some More Variation]
PAD - Eternal Dreamer [Nightmarish Variation]
PAD - Ice Caves [Ice Expedition Variation]
PAD - Lingering Glass [Industrial Variation]
PAD - Mellow Paddy [Not So Mellow Variation]
PAD - Pulsating Electricity [Sharper Variation]
PAD - Slide Pad [Without Slides Variation]
PAD - Soft Pad [Bigger and Brighter Variation]
PAD - The Air Up There [Without Air Variation]
PAD - Whistle Pad 1 [Extra Sweep Variation]
PAD - Whistle Pad 1 [Lost Souls Variation]
PAD - Whistle Pad 2 [Ghouls and Ghosts Variation]
PAD - Whistle Pad 2 [Resonating Variation]
PAD - Whistle Pad 2 [Vocal Variation]
PLK - Muted Guitar [Distorted Lead Variation]
PLK - Mystical Pluck [Psychadelic Vibrato Variation]
PLK - Mystical Pluck [Square Stab Variation]
PLK - NoisePulse [Magic Bells Variation]
PLK - NoisePulse [Otherworldly Variation]


NI Massive ® is trademark of company Native Instruments GmbH Germany. This product is not official product of this company / not produced by this company.

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  • File formats: .nmsv
  • Requirements: Soundset for Native Instruments Massive
  • Size: 396 kb
  • Total: 148 presets

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