G-Sonique bundle: Psytrance FX instrument plug-in & Sample pack + BONUS Progressive Samples
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G-Sonique bundle: Psytrance FX instrument plug-in & Sample pack + BONUS Progressive Samples

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G-Sonique bundle: PSYTRANCE FX INSTRUMENT PLUG-IN & SAMPLE PACK + Bonus Progressive Samples (not only for Psytrance music producers!)

This great bundle includes:

PSYCHEDELIC FX6000 V1 - Psytrance FX instrument plug-in (by G-Sonique)

Latest version: 1.0

• PSYTRANCE DRUM KIT 1 (Samples by G-Sonique)

BONUS 40 progressive samples (from FX Samplespack by 123creative)

Specification: OS - Interface - Processing

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GENRES: Psytrance, Darkpsy, Fullon, Hitech, Psychill, Goa trance, Progressive, Trance, EDM, House, Experimental...



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Psychedelic FX6000 V1 is modern plug-in multi-instrument / rompler created for various modern electronic music styles.


Psychedelic FX 6000 V1 - Fast instruments overview

PSYCHEDELIC FX6000 V1 includes 140+ high quality, multi octave instruments / sounds ready for music production. You can create your own FXs with various synthesizers, but it is difficult and very time consuming process, usually you must spent long hours creating just one sound, Psychedelic FX6000 makes your production easier and faster, you can choose from hundreds of high quality FXs made by professional psytrance producers in speed of just few seconds, modify them with internal parameters or use external vst effects (filters, modulators, reverbs, delays etc.) to re-create your own unique FXs. So with Psychedelic FX your production become more professional, faster and you can fully focus on creating melodies, arrangements, beats etc. Psychedelic FX 6000V1 also saves lot of your CPU and RAM (it is much more effective than basic synthesizer).

This plug-in include everything what you need to spice your production: classic and twisted psy FXs, lasers, blips, various FX hits, bombs, risers, downfillers, soundcapes, pads, fm twisted sounds, experimental FXs, progressive FXs, film drum hits, soundscapes for intros/outros, alien sounds, noise FXs, full on sounds, from mysterious and dark to positive sounds. Psychedelic FX6000 include huge library of 1,1GB internal files packed together with plug-in!

All instruments / sounds can be additionally modified with LFO (rate and depth) modulating volume / expression, Panning, Pitch, amplitude envelope - attack, decay, sustain, release, Pan, Space, you can choose glide (+ glide time), mono, legato or polyphonic modes, load additional bonus instruments etc. You can layer two or more instruments together to create new kind of sounds (use two Psychedelic FX 6000V1 Layered together with different instrument / preset but with same melody) and use various external G-Sonique VST effects to modify the sound to brand new level. PSYCHEDELIC FX6000 V1 uses special multi-sample / multi-octave Hard drive streaming technology which saves your RAM (data are loaded from hard drive) with precise hiqh quality sound interpolation.

PSYCHEDELIC FX6000 V1 is available for Windows and Mac (VSTi plug-in in 32 / 64bit for Windows, VSTi plug-in for MAC, AU Audio Unit plug-in for MAC)

Psychedelic FX6000 V1 - Psytrance FX instrument plug-in



  140+ high quality multi-octave instruments with cass A audio interpolation/resampling

  LFO Modulation with depth and rate knobs (modulates: volume/expression, panning, pitch)
with triangle, sinus, square, saw, and exp shape

  Glide knob

  Space knob

  3 modes: Polyphonic, Mono, Legato

  Amplitude envelope with attack, decay, sustain, release knobs

  Resampling quality selector

  Velocity curve selector

  Pitch bend knob

  Pan knob

  Possibility to load external bonus instrument (will be distributed to clients as special bonus)

  Multi sample hard drive disk-streaming / memory reading mode (for saving RAM capacity)

  High quality resampling / interpolation engine

Dark Nebula psytrance producer testimonial G-Sonique Psychedelic FX6000 V1




• " Great tool for adding smooth psychedelic sauce. I like to select an atmosphere, play it, tuck it into the mix & make it wobble. Brilliant."

(Dark Nebula - Digital Psionics records, Australia)



- VSTi plug-in for Windows (available as x32 / x64bit VSTi instrument)

- AU Audio unit plugin and VST for Apple MAC

System requirements:

-   Pentium III 1200 Mhz / 256 MB Ram
-   Windows XP/7/8/10
-   Apple MAC: AU Audio unit or Mac VST compliant host
-   Windows: VST/VSTi compliant host x32bit / x64bit (Cubase, FL Studio, Ableton, Studio One, Sonar, Reaper)


Psychedelic FX6000 V1 - Psytrance FX instrument plug-in - Download free trial version

Win / Mac (file size: 421 MB). Click on the button.

Limitation of the demo version: short noise sound about every 20 seconds / expiration after 30 days / Very limited number of instruments / presets


PSYTRANCE DRUM KIT 1 - 1015 Samples

Sample pack includes Kick drums, Percussions, Hi-hats/Open-hats, Snare drums, Claps, Electronic sounds, hits, FXs, Basses, Blips and clicks.

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FX Sample pack contains from fresh and positive dance FXs to mysterious and dark FX sounds from outer space.

Do not waste your productive time with fine tuning FXs from your synths when you can use professional pre-designed FXs and kick-up the dance floor with them.

You can additionally combine / layer individual samples and apply VST effects to create new and unique sounding effects.


Including 40 Progressive samples from FX Sample pack


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  • File formats: *.EXE (VST plug-in), *.PKG (AU plug-in), *.WAV
  • Info: System requirements: Pentium III 1200 Mhz / 256 MB Ram. Windows XP/7/8/10
  • Requirements: Apple MAC: AU Audio unit or Mac VST compliant host. Windows: VST/VSTi compliant host x32bit / x64bit (Cubase, FL Studio, Ableton, Studio One, Sonar, Reaper)
  • Size: 1,71 GB.
  • Total: PSYCHEDELIC FX6000 V1 - Psytrance FX plug-in multi-instrument / rompler, Psytrance Drum Kit 1 sample pack + Bonus 40 Progressive samples from FX sample pack

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