Access Virus Revealed Volume 2
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Access Virus Revealed Volume 2

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Access Virus Revealed Volume 2 - contains 128 presets for Access Virus B, C, TI-range, Powercore + TDM

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Virus Volume 2 - DEMO


Access Virus Revealed Volume 2 - contains 128 fresh patches for Access Virus -series to use any kind of electronic dance music creations. The package is created with Access Virus Powercore, so it’s guaranteed to work on the selected models:
- Access Virus B, KB, Rack, Indigo
- Access Virus C, KC, Rack XL, Indigo2
- Access Virus TI Desktop, Keyboard and Polar (series 1 & 2)
- Digidesign Virus TDM Indigo
- TC Electronic Virus Powercore

Many re-creations of Armada, Anjunabeats, Enhanced and many other labels artists sounds. This is a great addition to the volume 1, which has gained a lot of fame in the scene and I’ve received a lot emails saying: “This set awesome, and for the first time I can use most of my virus parts in the projects I’m working on”.
There are examples of electro, trance and other edm-scene sounds in the demo, have a listen thru it!
Loads of different sounds used in the demo. Sidechain effect used for some pads and basses. No EQ’s used. Every reverb, delay, chorus, phaser and distortions are from Virus itself.

Remember to back-up your hardware data before dumping the MIDI or SYSEX demo set!!



b@ss01 JK 

b@ss02 JK

b@ss03 JK

b@ss04 JK

b@ss05 JK

b@ss06 JK

b@ss07 JK

b@ss08 JK

b@ss09 JK

b@ss10 JK

b@ss11 JK

b@ss12 JK

b@ss13 JK

b@ss14 JK

b@ss15 JK

b@ss16 JK

b@ss17 JK

b@ss18 JK

b@ss19 JK

b@ss20 JK

b@ss21 JK

b@ss22 JK

b@ss23 JK

b@ss24 JK

b@ss25 JK

b@ss26 JK

b@ss27 JK

b@ss28 JK

b@ss29 JK

b@ss30 JK

b@ss31 JK



le@d01 JK

le@d02 JK

le@d03 JK

le@d04 JK

le@d05 JK

le@d06 JK

le@d07 JK

le@d08 JK

le@d09 JK

le@d10 JK

le@d11 JK

le@d12 JK

le@d13 JK

le@d14 JK

le@d15 JK

le@d16 JK

le@d17 JK

le@d18 JK

le@d19 JK

le@d20 JK

le@d21 JK

le@d22 JK

le@d23 JK

le@d24 JK

le@d25 JK

le@d26 JK

le@d27 JK

le@d28 JK

le@d29 JK

le@d30 JK

le@d31 JK

pluck01 JK

pluck02 JK

pluck03 JK

pluck04 JK

pluck05 JK

pluck06 JK

pluck07 JK

pluck08 JK

pluck09 JK

pluck10 JK

pluck11 JK

pluck12 JK

pluck13 JK

pluck14 JK

pluck15 JK

p@d01 JK

p@d02 JK

p@d03 JK

p@d04 JK

p@d05 JK

p@d06 JK

p@d07 JK

p@d08 JK

p@d09 JK

p@d10 JK

p@d11 JK

p@d12 JK

p@d13 JK

p@d14 JK

p@d15 JK

p@d16 JK

p@d17 JK

p@d18 JK

p@d19 JK

p@d20 JK

p@d21 JK

p@d22 JK

p@d23 JK

p@d24 JK

@cid01 JK

@cid02 JK

@cid03 JK

@cid04 JK

@cid05 JK

@cid06 JK

@cid07 JK

@cid08 JK

@cid09 JK

@cid10 JK

@cid11 JK

@cid12 JK

@cid13 JK

@rP01 JK

@rP02 JK

@rP03 JK

@rP04 JK

@rP05 JK

@rP06 JK

@rP07 JK

@rP08 JK

@rP09 JK

@rP10 JK

@rP11 JK

@rP12 JK



This is downloadable product. ZIP package includes 128 presets in .txf format. You will receive e-mail with download link immediatelly after purchase.



please see DEMO up


TAGS: access virus, presets, preset bank, acces virus ti, c, b, trance, dance, electronic, new, progressive, uplifting, synth, synthesizer, patches, preset bank


Access and Virus is trademark of company Access Music Electronics GmbH. This product is not official product of this company / not produced by this company.

  • File formats: Synth Bank .txf
  • Requirements: Access Virus B, KB, Rack, Indigo, Access Virus C, KC, Rack XL, Indigo2, Access Virus TI Desktop, Keyboard and Polar (series 1 & 2), Digidesign Virus TDM Indigo, TC Electronic Virus Powercore
  • Total: 128 Trance Sounds

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